Reishi Mushroom Is The Perfect Ally To Heal And Stop Acne

Reishi has been used centuries for its medicinal herbal qualities. Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” reishi is necessary for treating acne and improving skin care health.

Due to reishi's high polysaccharide content, this mushroom can naturally heal and hydrate the skin along with many other benefits, such as:

  • Immune Modulation

    • What this means is the chemical compounds found in Reishi regulate immune function. (1) This type of action helps keep the skin from overreacting, which causes redness and other forms of skin reactions. Also, when your immune system is responding correctly, bacterial and microbial infections decrease, thereby decreasing acne.

  • Relieves Allergies

    • Reishi has also been found to decrease the body’s histamine production. Histamines trigger the body to have allergic reactions. And while this is a natural process in the body, if histamines levels are too high skin reactions, such as redness and puffiness are common. (2)

  • Better Sleep = Better Skin

    • Getting optimal sleep is essential for optimal skin health. For centuries herbalists have recommended this mushroom for deeper, more restful sleep. (3)

  • Decreases Premature Aging

    • Reishi has also been found to decrease inflammation in the body, allowing faster healing, decreasing premature aging. (4)


Other Reishi fun facts:

  • Reishi also has been found to…

    • Elevates mood, decreasing depression and anxiety (5)

    • Improves general cardiovascular health (6)

    • Reduces cancer risk (7)

    • Heals the liver and kidneys (8) (9)

    • Protects the brain and digestive system (10) (11)


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